Microsoft Sentinel Managed Detection and Response

When you need a bespoke SOC solution, without the complexity and costs of doing it yourself.


Their outputs deliver more value, we’re now realising more value from our Microsoft security investments – with Reliance, they don’t just tell us there is a problem that we have to do something about, the Reliance analyst stops that incident dead in its tracks”

– client CEO


Maximise the value and intelligence from your current Microsoft toolset and combine with a SOC that feels and operates like your own. 

You need your cyber security to enable your business to constantly drive collaboration, innovation and digital transformation whilst aligning to current budget constraints.

By optimising your current toolsets, our MS Sentinel MDR service allows you to do exactly that.

A tailored, threat and risk-based approach to cyber security monitoring & defence – With our analyst led approach, we defend high risk and highly regulated clients, using continuous threat modelling and business context to intelligently prioritising and defend assets that represent the greatest risk to your business if lost or compromised.


“Their core business is human cyber threat insight, so their analysts take the time and trouble to understand the customers and their operating risks in a personalised way most other security providers don’t”

– client CEO


We defend our clients 24×7 from security threats. Our collaborative, intelligence-based SOCs build in-depth defences and bespoke detection use-cases targeted to your threat landscape and unique cyber risks .

We proactively research, hunt, detect and respond to threats prioritised by your organisational goals – and you’ll speak directly to our analysts without service desks or call centre.

We deliver:

  • in-depth defences and bespoke detection use-cases targeted to your threat landscape and cyber risks
  • proactive research, detection and responses to threats prioritised by your organisational goals
  • no service desks or call centres – you speak directly to your analysts
  • 24×7 protection from security threats
  • Full utilisation of your current technology investments

Allowing you to:

  • Maximise your security budget – improve security and provide a significantly better return on current investments by utilising the benefits of the Microsoft tooling you already have
  • Secure your cloud – experience a cloud native SIEM that allows you to operate securely and that scales as you do
  • Reduce your security risk – whether you have a cloud first or a or hybrid environment, align security monitoring and defence by utilising Reliance acsn’s analyst led MDR service and Microsoft Sentinel intelligence and analytics


“Their analysts took the time and trouble to understand us as a customer, our environment and our operating risks. Best of all, they didn’t try and replace what we had – Reliance connected our existing security solutions into the overall security picture, and continue to deliver more value from what we have”

– client CEO