Managed Privileged Access Management (MPAM)

Only the Trusted: Privileged Access managed seamlessly

Attackers are always looking for access to your most valuable assets. That’s why they prey on your people and devices to gain passwords and credentials so they can steal data, shut-down your systems, corrupt your operations, or hold you to ransom.

Managing who (and which devices) can access your systems and databases is critical to keeping a strong defensive line against the bad guys. That can be complex, time-consuming, and costly, which is why our clients ask us to manage it all for them.



  • We manage secure passwords, ensuring they’re changed frequently, hidden from prying eyes, and always compliant to strict protocols to keep them strong
  • You can see who has privileged access, what they’re doing, which devices they are using, and what they are down- or uploading
  • We prove that you have put in place strong defences, kept them up to date, and identified and remediated risks
  • You can revoke or limit access at any time (and quickly), as well as impose two-factor authentication when it’s considered appropriate
  • We constantly check for any potentially malicious or suspicious activity, and it’s immediately identified and actioned by our team

You define who has to privileges, and we manage their access so they can work seamlessly and with confidence. That enables them to focus on their work while we keep the doors locked.