Endpoint Management & Visibility

Every Endpoint Covered

The pandemic accelerated the move to remote working at warp speed, but the need for comprehensive endpoint management and visibility has always been a priority. Especially for organisations with mobile workforces and distributed networks, sites, facilities, and teams. It’s just even more important now.

When people and machines are dispersed (inside as well as outside an organisation), the attack surface available to potential hackers increases. That’s why it’s vital to have a central point of knowledge from which you can manage devices and data, deliver upgrades and patches, and monitor activity for anything suspicious.

Each device – be it a desktop, laptop, or tablet – needs to be visible in real-time. That’s what our Endpoint Management Service, delivered in partnership with industry leaders Tanium, gives you.

You can free your people to work from where need and want to while being able to centrally manage and ensure both the integrity of your data and systems, as well as identify risks, repel and deflect attacks.

  • You get fast, remote access to all your networks and devices at scale
  • We help you assess your security needs and weak-points and offer both the technologies and training needed to protect your security
  • We update, patch, check industry-relevant compliance, scan for vulnerabilities so you can focus on your work with confidence
  • We manage every endpoint; and it’s all done remotely by our experts

Let’s talk about your organisation’s needs as we move into a new world of increased hybrid working and mobility against a background of rising cyber threats.