Threat Modelling

Understand threats, targets, impacts, and actions

Reliance acsn’s Cyber Security Threat Modelling is a forensic analysis of how threats could target specific systems in your organisation – before they do! Component by component, we assess the probability and potential harm of attacks on each of your IT assets in turn, and help you develop a unified strategy to minimise and eradicate them.


The unique value in our Threat Modelling

  • Completely tailored to your organisation – Based around your organisation’s specific IT and business risks, informed by an initial workshop and ongoing consultation. No ‘one size fits all’ approach.
  • Secures innovation against risk – Enables IT security teams to identify, prioritise and mitigate risks against new application, service, or system designs, early on.
  • Internationally trusted, comprehensive – Based on Microsoft’s Secure Development lifecycle, our process validates and mitigates against each and every threat, whether stemming from malware, governance and policy, network, software and hardware vulnerabilities, insider activity, physical access issues – and many more.
  • Clear guidance going forward – No complex security jargon, just a straightforward Threat Modelling report, mapping likelihood, impact and priority directly to recommended actions.