Security Awareness Training

Nurture secure behaviours from reception desk to boardroom

Our Security Awareness Training empowers people at all levels in your organisation to recognise and mitigate cyber risks in everything they do, every day. It delivers bite-sized, online modules, face-to-face leadership team training, and a continuous engagement programme to maximise uptake.

The unique value in our Security Awareness Training

  • Tailored to your threat profile – Comprehensive initial assessment enables us to build prioritised modules for immediate, positive impact on your security posture.
  • Experienced, qualified trainers – Formally trained teachers deliver an engaging and relevant programme to ensure ongoing benefit and lasting security culture change.
  • Something for everyone – A range of resources in different styles and mediums ensure that every learner at every level can engage with compelling, instructive content.
  • Fully managed, regular, consistent – Delivered automatically on a monthly basis, the training builds steady momentum that cumulatively reinforces secure behaviours.
  • Ensures buy-in from the top, with classroom training and interactive demonstration options to fully involve leadership and C-suite executives in security culture.