Red Teaming

We test your ability to detect and respond – and help you improve it

Reliance acsn’s Red Teaming transforms current attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), as seen ‘in the wild’ via our incident response and MDR teams, into extensive, concerted security testing. News articles, social media, user accounts, remote networks – we gather information from all these sources and more to create a controlled attack, highlighting exactly how your people, assets – and even your physical, on-site security – can be compromised.


The unique value in our Red Teaming

  • We use current attacker TTPs – Our extensive Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT) uses all the sources your attackers do to glean information about your organisation and target your people. We’re not doing anything they can’t.
  • We get in and we don’t stop – We go after your people like an attacker would, and for the same reasons, using phishing and social engineering campaigns to gain access to – and move within – the corporate network, to achieve our objectives.
  • We’re under your radar – We’ll work to evade your monitoring solutions, to reach our attack goals.
  • Importantly, we walk you through how we did it, to help you improve your detection and response capabilities.