Perimeter Assurance & Testing

Secure your internet-facing assets

Reliance acsn’s Perimeter Assurance & Testing highlights how internet-facing assets could offer attack paths into your organisation. Using offensive tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to replicate advanced attacker behaviour, we gather information from the internet to launch controlled attacks that find your vulnerabilities, and exploit them to demonstrate likelihood and impact.


The unique value in our Perimeter Assurance & Testing

  • Obtain a more accurate view – Many clients, especially those involved in mergers and acquisitions, are often unsure of the assets that make up their external facing infrastructure. We will provide more accurate asset lists, enabling you to patch and monitor your actual perimeter going forward.
  • Human and technical security expertise – We combine automated tools, custom exploit scripts, and proven public resources (CVE, CWE, Bugtraq, NTBugtraq etc.) with extensive threat analysis experience
  • We go further and deeper – We reveal deeper, version-specific vulnerabilities that other testing approaches can miss.
  • We produce clear, actionable outputs – Our reporting transparently highlights your risk level (critical, high, medium, low), and we walk you through the steps you need to take next.