Mobile Security Testing

Protect productivity from risk

Reliance acsn’s Mobile Security Testing helps ensure that mobile app productivity doesn’t come at the high price of security. We test mobile applications across both Android and iOS platforms and devices to reveal underlying security risks – and prevent your people, data and operations falling victim to them.


The unique value in our Mobile Security Testing

  • Experts test every permutation – Combining seasoned mobile security expertise with the latest security tooling, our specialists subject each app to extensive security tests on both Android and iOS platforms, using both jailbroken and corporate-constrained devices.
  • Deep-dive comes as standard – We don’t stop at the interface; we reach into the security depths of hard-coded credentials, application logic, storage, authentication, and more, to ensure apps aren’t doing what they shouldn’t or not doing what they should!
  • Industry-proven approach – Our methodology successfully translates the industry’s trusted OWASP Top Ten web application testing benchmark into the mobile app environment.
  • Clear and actionable advice – Our specialists’ expertise and insight enable one-to-one dialogue to help you understand the issues, and take action to mitigate them.