Incident Response

Prepare, mitigate, appropriately remediate

Reliance acsn’s Incident Response combines proactive and reactive services to help you prepare for a breach, and deal with it appropriately when it happens. We ready your people and processes for anticipated scenarios, understand your environment to better manage incidents when they happen, and come to your aid to mitigate breaches and remove attackers from your environment.

The unique value in our Incident Response

  • Expert insight, embedded in your procedures – Advanced Threat Modelling, combined with expert review of your playbooks and procedures, ensures your internal processes have all identified high-risk scenarios covered.
  • ‘Live fire’ testing to ensure readiness – Our crisis management exercises replicate real-world cyber incidents to ensure you, your playbooks, and your operational and Executive teams are ready for them.
  • Rapid reaction, no bureaucracy – Our pre-deployed, proven tooling and specialist forensic support are available as retained services. No rushed proposals or purchase orders needed.
  • Build operational resilience – Cyber threats evolve daily, but we ensure preparedness and reactivity become part of the operational fabric of your organisation.