Cloud Security

Secure your adoption of cloud technologies

Reliance acsn’s Cloud Security helps make your cloud environments a more secure extension to your traditional infrastructure, as more and more business-critical data and processes are managed off-premise. We address cloud security posture holistically alongside your existing networks, optimising business outcomes across all your environments – traditional and hybrid included.


The unique value in our Cloud Security

  • We build it, test it, and watch over it – We can deliver all aspects of your cloud security (architecture, build, migration, control and policy), rigorously test it (configuration, penetration, code review), and constantly safeguard it (monitoring, alerting, response, analysis).
  • We release value in what you’ve got – We tune your existing security solutions to deliver more.
  • We deploy what you need, not what we’re told – We’re not locked into vendor relationships that push us (or you) to buy new products or solutions.
  • We deliver ROI – We have a free hand to work with a range of cloud vendor, third-party and in-house developed tooling to tailor our solutions in order to maximise the return on your security investment.