RUSI report: The UK’s Response to Cyber Fraud – a Strategic Vision

RUSI has published its report on the UK and cyber fraud this month. It makes stark reading. Too often referred to as a ‘victimless crime’, cyber fraud is nothing of the kind. It does untold psychological harm to its victims, many of whom are also left destitute or robbed of their life savings.

US Lawmakers Praise Cyber Appointments as President Biden Seeks to Increase Cyber Funding

It has been an important week for Cyber Security in the United States with several key announcements from President Biden and his administration on funding and appointments as well as a response to the Solar Winds attack.

Biden Announces Sanctions for Russia Citing Recent Cyber Attacks

The news of US sanctions on Russia has made headlines around the world with President Biden’s remarks on Russia firmly attributing the extensive “SolarWinds” hack on the US Government to Russia.

GDPR is Three Years Old!

You don’t need to celebrate, just take stock, and look to the future. With all that’s changed in the world, the arrival of the third anniversary of the General Data Protection regulation may seem trivial, even irrelevant.

The Integrated Review 2021 and Cyber Security

It’s nearly a month since the UK Government released The Integrated Review 2021 detailing ‘the vision for the UK’s role in the world over the next decade’.

Bank of England underlines the importance of cyber stress testing

The Bank of England’s financial policy committee recently underlined the importance of cyber stress testing when assessing the operational resilience of financial services.

NCSC warns education sector of increasing cyber threat

The NCSC issued advice to the education sector at the end of last week on the growing threat from ransomware attacks targeting the sector.

Board meeting members discussion
Ransomware: What every board member needs to ask their IT security team

We are all aware that ransomware poses an operational, financial and reputational threat for organisations. At a time when the pandemic has meant that we are all far more digitally dependent, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of ransomware attacks and the range of sectors targeted.

John Noble CBE shares his thoughts on the recent Microsoft vulnerabilities

With the news of four critical vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Exchange Server being actively exploited around the world, John Noble shares his thoughts on the situation with Reliance acsn.

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Cybersecurity is getting better? The jury is still out

Tom Van den Eynde, Professional Services Director, Reliance acsn I recently read an article by Gary Golomb at Awake Security with great interest – that cybersecurity is getting better not worse, contrary to common opinion. Of course, the author has a point. We have come a long way since the time when Firewalls didn’t exist, […]

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A sustained, practical approach is needed for Incident Response

In 2017, numerous security breaches have come to light with some of the largest companies falling prey to cyberattacks – TNT Express, BUPA, Equifax, Deloitte, Three, Sports Direct, NHS and the list goes on. The impact of the security incidents has been materially significant. The recent NotPetya attack has cost big companies millions of dollars in lost revenue. These companies […]

What will it take for organisations to truly invest in security?

It’s just over five months since the WannaCry ransomware hit, including 47 NHS Trusts in the UK, resulting in surgeries being cancelled and patients being turned away from A&E. Given the severity of the attack and the chaos it created globally, one would have thought it was the wake-up call that organisations needed to make […]