We’re well-established and growing fast, with opportunities in all our core areas – Technical, Sales, and Business Operations.

Here’s what makes working for us different.

Our people: excellence in everyone, from everywhere

Our people: excellence in everyone, from everywhere

What we do matters – and so nothing matters more to us than the people who deliver it.

And they’re people from all backgrounds, all origins, at all levels of experience, totally diverse but united by the same standout qualities: they’re people you can trust, who love what they do, and do it with excellence.

Our people create new solutions to enable businesses to thrive by mitigating their cyber security challenges. We work with an array of high-risk and highly regulated clients over a broad range of sectors, and we can’t deliver unless we have the very best people at every level of our organisation – from apprentices, to business development specialists, to battle-hardened engineers, developers and security analysts.

If you’re looking to take the next step in your cyber security career, or thinking about a career in cyber security, Reliance acsn is always on the lookout for super-smart people who are ready to give the best of themselves (whoever they are and wherever they come from), work hard, learn fast, and reap rewards.

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The challenge: unleash your inner attacker

The challenge: unleash your inner attacker

Our people are brilliant because whatever role they’re in, they think like a cyber attacker does. There’s no devious tactic or shocking insight they can unearth that we won’t turn against the bad guys, so you need to be ready to come up with the goods too.

Cyber attackers outnumber us in people and resources, they aren’t bound by rules or regulations, and they excel in innovating unique and different ways to steal, damage and impact people, organisations and businesses. With your skills, rapid learnings, and tenacity, you could be the one who really ruins their day.

Of course, we also use leading technologies, coupled with in-house Intellectual Property and world-class processes. But it’s the ability of our people to think like attackers – predicting and planning for their next move, and turning this mindset into effective defence where we know our clients’ business risks are greatest – that sets them apart from the crowd.

Whether in sales, technical, marketing or back office, our people eat, sleep and breathe cyber security. If, like them, you’re passionate about never letting the bad guys off the hook, inquisitive, and like solving complex problems, we want to hear from you. Get in touch

The customers: when it comes to security, they mean business

The customers: when it comes to security, they mean business

Our customers cover a broad range of high-risk and highly regulated sectors, ranging from large government organisations and global companies to smaller, agile entities, but across all of them you’ll be expected to learn and know your stuff – because they do.

But universally, they also have a requirement to focus on their core business, so whatever your role you’ll be their trusted partner, understanding their business goals and challenges, and translating cyber jargon into advice and action that secures not only their people, assets and data, but their bottom line, too.

We speak our customers’ language, which is why many of them have been working with us for over a decade. If you think you could be part of this, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch

The benefits: something for everyone

The benefits: something for everyone

Of course, we have a competitive package that ticks all the boxes, now and for the future.

We also invest heavily in our people’s personal and career development, through training, accreditation, and certification, and we’re committed to delivering excellence in people in all areas of our business, whatever the career or education route that brought you here.

Most of all, though, we want people that want to work with us – and words on a screen just don’t do that desire justice.

So, if you are passionate about cyber security, inquisitive, and love to solve complex problems whilst surrounded by some great minds, get in touch, come and have a cup of coffee and a chat, see what we do, and tell us about yourself.

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Friendly environment, environmentally friendly

Friendly environment, environmentally friendly

We might be security experts, but that doesn’t mean hushed voices and spartan surroundings.

We know how important it is for excellent teams to thrive in a stimulating environment, so we’re not in a faceless business park somewhere in outer suburbia. We’re right in the heart of things, in a London office that is as refreshingly unique and original as our people – and we commit in writing to sustainability strategies that help reduce its environmental impact.

We’re approachable, we don’t subdue opinion, and we enable and support our people to be their best.

Yes, we’re experts, we work hard, we’re team players, we deliver on our promises, and we recognise and insist on excellence. But guess what? We have fun, too (because it really annoys the bad guys).

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